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Friday, March 15th, 2024 – Global dance sensation Burak Yeter teams up with Parkah & Durzo to drop their latest electrifying track, “Say My Name.”

Renowned for his chart-topping hit “Tuesday ft. Danelle Sandoval,” which amassed a staggering 582 million streams, Burak Yeter returns to the forefront of the dance scene with “Say My Name.” This collaboration with Parkah & Durzo promises to ignite dance floors worldwide with its infectious beats and irresistible hooks.

But that’s not all – Burak Yeter is breaking boundaries once again, as he gears up to host a groundbreaking DJ set… in space! Following a successful unmanned test flight in February, Burak is set to make history as the first-ever DJ to perform a live concert from 55,000 feet above Earth. Dubbed “One Day in Space,” this cosmic spectacle will take place this spring in Barcelona, Spain.

Burak Yeter’s journey to stardom began at a young age, with a passion for music that led him to master the piano and guitar. After earning his master’s degree in Sound Engineering from the SAE Institute in London, Yeter embarked on a remarkable career that has seen him top charts around the globe.

From teaching over 4,000 certified students through his DJ schools to dominating the airwaves with hits like “Tuesday” and “My Life Is Going On,” Burak Yeter continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of music.

Say My Name” is set to captivate audiences worldwide, with its official music video dropping alongside the release. The track will also be sent to international radios and global press outlets, ensuring that its infectious energy reaches every corner of the globe.

As we enter a new era of dance music, Burak Yeter, Parkah & Durzo invite fans to join them on an unforgettable journey with “Say My Name.”

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