Was born in Turkey, in a city called Trabzon.
He began playing the piano, losing himself between the piano keys.
The period where he began playing the guitar, alongside memorising lyrics.
In the year 1999, Burak was part of a band - Tatbikat which he formed himself. This gave him the opportunity to further develop a foundation for his musical career.
At the age of 22, Yeter came 1st DJ at the 2004 MTV & Burn DJ Contest - sponsored by ‘Masters at Work’ which was selected as a Grammy Award Nominee.
He once again displayed his musical talent by winning Second place in ‘2004 Miller Master Dj Contest’ which was organised by Miller.
Burak produced and arranged remixes of the works of well known artists, such as ‘‘Deepeche Mode, Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, Skylar Grey, The Beatles, Sam Smith, Usher, Bruno Mars, Frank Sinatra, Jay Z, Beyonce, James Brown’’ which made him a more recognised name in World.
Yeter’s debut album ‘FOR ACTION’ was released under the record label DSM in 2005. The album is his first Solo DJ Album to be released worldwide.
At the age of 25, Burak created his second album, ‘For Message Vol 2’ In the year 2007 his heavily Chill Out influenced album was released in support of raising awareness of global warming once again under the record label DSM.
Burak began attending a Sound Engineering course at SAE, widely recognised as one of the best schools in the world. He began to also work in studios across London
By signing a contract with pioneer, he has become the new face of pioneer. He began giving certified professional education as a president of Pioneer Pro DJ academy school opened all across Europa.
He renamed T records to Connection records. He proudly became the owner of his own professional studio Amsterdam, Istanbul, Los Angeles.
In 2010 May 16th Kral TV music awards he won the best new Remix award for his track with ‘Ajda Pekkan-Oyalama Beni’, in addition to this he was awarded for the first best newcomer in Producer &Dj award within the Turkish music history.
Within the first week of 2012, Burak Yeter completed his music video for ‘Mr.International’, starring Hot Rod from G-UNIT.
Burak was awarded first prize for Best Remix (18th Kral Music Awards) for his collaborative piece featuring ‘Ajda Pekkan - Arada Sırada’ in May 2012.
On the 18th of July Burak Yeter released his Blue album and continues to perform both in Europa and internationally, sacrificing his sleep for music lovers worldwide.
One more brand-new Single from Burak Yeter who continued his works in Amsterdam for a long time; “Storm” Connection Records 2013
He still work at Amsterdam / Holland. ''Connection Records Studio''
Punk Kids Records label released the song 'Kingdom Falls' from Amsterdam.
The new single 'Reckless' from the album New World was released by BIP Records label. Shot a video clip for the song with Delaney Jane.
Burak Yeter under New World Project releases his first single 'Happy' on Spinnin' Records where the track was voted best song of the week in the Spinnin' Talent Pool.
Follow-up single 'Tuesday' reached the #1 position in iTunes, Shazam, Apple Music and Yandex in Russia & CIS countries. It also peaked at $14 in the Apple Music World Chart.
by Tapho