The first of it’s kind, Burak Yeter will be performing a live set 55,000ft high in the Sky, the first Live Concert in “SPACE”

The launch will start from Barcelona, ​​Spain. It will take 2 hours to arrive at the destination by balloons. After crossing the stratosphere, the capsule will remain stationary for performance at 55,000 ft for 2 hours. After the performance, the capsule will return to its launch starting point in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

There is no place that music can reach and we want to show it to the whole world with this concert.

In this video, we have tested the launch with a small capsule. And very soon, it is time to travel to the 55,000 feet with Burak Yeter and one Captain.

There will be 360-degree cameras all over the capsule, and people will have 360-degree viewing options for the show. The launch is planned very soon and It will be “FIRST LIVE MUSIC EVENT FROM THE SPACE”.

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